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Who will be our Valentine of the year?

The hearts of our eligible equines are racing to win this Valentine's Day season. Show them how much they are loved by sending them a rose or full bouquet! Check out our lucky bachelors and bachelorettes below.
The rescue with the most roses through Valentine's week, February18th, will be honored as our MHV - Mile High Valentine of the year!

Send a Rescue a rose and make their heart gallop!

Meet the lucky bachelors and bachelorettes! 

Click on their profiles and find one who makes your heart race. 

When you find your heartthrob, send a rose or two:

Single Rose - $10
Half Dozen Bouquet - $25
Full Bouquet - $50

Rose Arrangement & Box of Carrots - $100
For rose arrangement and box of carrots sent,
MHR sends you a special Valentine's Day T-Shirt!

If you can't decide who to choose, and still want to give them a special treat, you can ask about our rescue sponsorships or donate to support farrier work, veterinary needs and feed through the link below. 

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