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Sponsoring can make a difference in a rescues life. A sponsor helps support individual horse costs, or care costs on a monthly basis. Our Wellness Sponsorships cover necessary items such as feed, farrier work, routine veterinarian services including physical exams, dental exams, vaccines, deworming programs, as well as additional medications or supplemental feed needed. With a monthly sponsorship package, we allow sponsors to visit and love on their sponsored horse too! This time includes ground work only, lots of treats and love. 

Monthly Sponsorship levels: 

All in Care Sponsor: $1,000/month 

  • Daily Hay + Grain 

  • Farrier Trim 

  • Deworming 

  • Teeth + Physical Exam 

  • Vaccines 


Horse Hero Sponsor: $700/month 

  • Daily Hay + Grain 

  • Farrier Trim 

  • Deworming 

  • Teeth 


Wellness Sponsor: $500/month 

  • Daily Hay + Grain 

  • Farrier Trim 

Individualized Sponsor Items: 

  • Monthly Hay: $350/month 

  • Farrier Trim: $75/month

  • Grain: $150/month 

  • Yearly Deworming: $80 

  • Spring or Fall Vaccines: $125 each 

  • Yearly Teeth: $250

  • Yearly Physical Exam: $250 

*We also accept custom amounts (one time and monthly) toward any of our rescue horses .

Interested in
sponsoring a rescue?
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