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Established in 2018, MHR is a 501c(3) that was founded by two passionate women striving for positive change in the horse community. These two women wholeheartedly believe that collectively we can make the world a better place and that all equine lives are meaningful.


Through our core values Mile High Rescue lives and breathes initiatives that positively impact horses and the community:

  • Quality Care

  • Community & Collaboration

  • Compassion

  • Dedication

EIN #83-1900834

You guessed it. Our founders, Emily and Maria, met through their passion for horses. They were boarding and volunteering at animal rescues when they began seeing the reality of how many horses were brutally slaughtered each year. These are good, suitable horses, and for unexplained reasons some of them end up in extremely unfortunate positions destined for slaughter, abandoned or neglected. Emily and Maria both have backgrounds in showing and training, and as they began to collaborate, they realized their similar philosophies and training methods could help all these horses in need of a second chance.


Our founders are like minded, agreeing that every rescue is in need of a strong foundation, love and support. This brings us to their first rescue, Mr. Rhett Butler. He was a three year old off the track Thoroughbred (OTTB) that was dumped at a feedlot in Texas. He had one day left before he was shipped for slaughter. They took a chance on him after looking at his sweet eyes and demeanor. About one year later Mile High Rescue was born. 


The growth of MHR since has been successful thanks to the overwhelming support from our friends, family and, most importantly, the surrounding community. Advocates and volunteers have actively taken on roles to ensure there are many years in our future, and animal lives to be saved.




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