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Choose from 5 unique dates, with your choice between 10 eligible equines.

Winners for each date option will be drawn on Valentine’s Day, and contacted individually to meet the four-legged love of their life!


*Dates should be scheduled by August 30, 2021, however we allow for flexibility based on COVID-19 concerns. COVID-19 precautions will also be assessed at time of date.

Your Valentine's Day bachelor or bachelorette is at MHR!

New Project-3.png

STEP 1: Meet our lucky bachelors and bachelorettes! The winner will pick 1-2 eligible rescues when they set up their date. Note, Hearts and Hoofbeats is with Hopscotch.

If you do not want a date, but you still want to support our rescues, they can greatly benefit from donations for farrier work, veterinary needs and feed. 

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