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Mile High Rescue has experienced a large influx of calls during this challenging COVID-19 season. Our team is passionate about continuing to help owners during this temporary financial downturn. 
Help us help them - donate to our Hay Bank!

One result of COVID-19 was that many friends and family members within our community suddenly found themselves without work. Some laid off, some asked to take unpaid leave, and some outright fired with no light of returning to their former positions. The dramatic financial challenge came with many unexpected repercussions as we all entered uncharted territory.


For horse owners, the loss of income may mean not being able to sustain needs of their furry family. Many of us have seen the never ending posts of horses being re-homed, sold below value, abandoned or dropped at auctions as the uncertainty grows throughout our community. To help mitigate these experiences for our equine families Mile High Rescue is facilitating donations for a hay bank.


We are collecting donations to support horse owners who are in need throughout the state of Colorado. Donations will fund our Hay Bank that will offer free hay to those having a hard time sustaining their equine residents due to COVID-19.


Hay will be provided for facilities in Colorado only due to cost and logistics. Please be prepared to come to Mile High Rescue in Centennial to pick up hay. The hay bank assistance is a program for those who are in need of equine hay only. Additionally, this program is only available as donations for the hay bank are received.

Eligibility for Assistance:

- Applicant’s horses must be owned by the applicant
- Applicant agrees to provide all required proof for assistance including work status, medical, etc.
- Applicant agrees to allow MHR to document all aspects of the process

If you are in need of immediate equine assistance or housing, please contact the MHR team at We can help provide resources available outside of MHR including financial assistance and foster care.

Looking to apply for hay assistance?

First step - complete application below.

After an application is submitted MHR will contact you as soon as possible to walk through next steps. 

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